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Trust Your Mother’s Intuition!

In a world full of research, information, case studies and you can’t forget those awesome opinions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with sifting through it all. That’s exactly where I found myself a few weeks into motherhood. I had this precious brand-new baby and I wanted to make sure I was giving her the very best start to life.

But, everything that felt right to me was somehow contradicted with most mainstream sources. If I followed the “rules” so to speak, I felt out of place. But not following them created a fear in me that I was not doing what I needed for my baby. That I was failing at motherhood.

I was sitting on the couch discussing this with my husband and he said, “You could ask 100 people and get 100 different answers, do what feels right to you, I SUPPORT your choices!” So, I took that advice, and let me tell you it is SO freeing. Don’t get me wrong, we need experts and advice and studies. They save lives. But sometimes we forget that we were created for this. Mothering is in our DNA.

Trust your intuition! Find your own path and walk it with confidence. You know your baby better than anyone and naturally you’re going to give that baby exactly what they need!

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