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Happy World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is tomorrow!

Here are some kind things you can do for the pregnant or postpartum momma in your life. Life is hectic for all of us, but we can take time out of our lives for our friends :)

  • Bring her food

  • Offer childcare services

  • Text her with an encouraging word

  • Ask how you can help

  • Send her flowers or something else that will brighten her day

  • Offer to come over and do a light cleaning

  • Take her out to do something (coffee, lunch, stroll in the park)

  • Get her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or grocery store

  • Take candid pictures of her interacting naturally with her family (this one seems odd, but moms are notorious for always being behind the camera!)

  • If you are an artist, make her something homemade (poem, painting, pottery)

  • Take her a snack basket with yummy nourishing food

  • Pray for her

  • Be present

One of the kindest things you can do for a pregnant or postpartum momma is to be present. Whether face-to-face or by phone - letting her know she isn't alone. Some mommas are used to being alone and may feel uncomfortable with a community atmosphere - that's okay! Just knowing someone is available if needed is a huge kindness.

Everyone always thinks pregnant people are being taken care of by someone else, and sometimes that's just not true. If we all think someone else is showing up for her, no one actually is. Check in with the mommas!

Your Doula,


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