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The newborn mother deserves just as much

care and attention as the newborn baby,

because she too has just been born


Your baby’s placenta contains your own natural hormones and is perfectly made for you! Learn the benefits.

Need mothers milk? Have mothers milk? Learn about our milk donor program.

The needs of every mother are different. Learn more about how I can help you during labor &  postpartum


About Me

Ally Starr - Founder


It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized it truly does TAKE A VILLAGE. Let's be honest, motherhood is exhausting. Rewarding, but oh so exhausting!


As my daughter grew, I too grew in new ways. I decided to leave the corporate world to start

The Nurtured Mother.

It’s become my passion to nurture mothers, so they can focus solely on their birth, their new little one and enjoy every moment of postpartum.


I'm a certified doula through DONA International and a placenta encapsulation specialist through PBi. I'm also a member of the Licking County Doula Collective and serve alongside two other amazing doulas to bring one of a kind services to our county. 

Birth and postpartum are generally thought of as a difficult period physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe with the right nurturing it can be the best time of your life.

PES, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PBi)

Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

Postpartum Doula

Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

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