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Teething is no fun for little babies. Those pesky teeth can cause so much pain and disrupt sleep making it difficult for both baby and mama. Give your infant relief with our all natural Infant Teething Relief drops. Clove helps relieve the pain while catnip aids in relaxation. It's perfect for children & adults of all ages who experience any type of dental pain. Made with organic ingredients, NO essential oils and no artificial ingredients or colors. (Clove essential oil is potentially harmful to infants, whole cloves are used which are much safer and gentler)


Use: Use as needed for teeth pain, use the dropper to put the liquid directly on the gums or directly inside the mouth. 

4-6 months: 2 – 3 drops 

6 – 12 months: 4 – 5 drops

1 – 2 years: 5 – 10 drops 

2 – 6 years: 10 – 20 

6+ years: 30 – 40 drops (1 dropper) 



- Safe for ages 4 months and older. Safe for pregnant & nursing mothers

- Alcohol Free

- 1 year shelf life


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

Infant Teething Relief

  • Organic Whole Cloves
  • Organic Catnip
  • Organic Glycerin and Filtered Water
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